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Fitted sheet percal fabric cotton boat/yacht matress Trapezoid Isosceles

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Fitted Sheet adjustable mattress boat cabin with form of Isosceles Trapezoid made-to-measure. Percal fabric 100% cotton.

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56,94 €

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Custom size fitted sheets for all mattress sizes. Creat your own fitted sheet for your ship cabin.

With our new service of on-line sale sewing made-to-measure, you can add the exact measures in CUSTOMIZATION and you will received the sheet adjustable adapted to the form of the mattress of every ship cabin for your boat, yacht sailboat you need.

  • Enter the measures in "costomization" using our online form. Please indicate us all the measures for that we ask them of every model, besides the height of the mattress.
  • Optional: You can import an image or drawing your own template in "Product costumization"
  • Save the information of measures. 
  • Now select the color or article and add it to the cart. The information well be able to visualize and inside the cart.
If you prefer to indicate the measures in our template, you can download the image, fill it and attach it again from any device in the option of adding images. This service allows you to add more data from the dimensions of the mattresses.
Price calculated for mattresses maximum with width and length up to 220x220 cm.


  • Percal fabric 100% cotton fitted sheet, optimal sleep, feeling FRESH and SOFT.
  • Ideal for use throughout the year for its high breathability through natural fibers texture.
  • Circumferential rubber elastic all around the sheet, perfect fit.
  • Resistant colors washed at high temperature (40° C).
  • Iron middle temperature.
  • Pattern design, sewing workshop and packaging in Spain.

I you can't find the shape of your mattress between our templates, you can send us a photo. At 48 hours we'll have your special shape available in our online store, that you allow to introduce the measurements.



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